On standby with Criminal Justice.

Our Team is Gathering and Recording various Grounds, Stories, Issues and Targets.


Stating, if you are someone in Criminal Justice, or a Survivor, Guardian or Foundation looking to Voice, Save and Stop the cause of Missing People, Human Trafficking, Organ Selling, Incest, Pedophilia, Rape, the Injustice of The Bail System and or Provide Awareness on the Health and Protection of Life and Balance.

Our aim is to create a sustainable independent network of people here once or as part as our team. We want to generate funding for those involved and necessities towards our team and mission, building not only momentum, but awareness of who we are and our mission with other platforms, to be able to save more lives on the spot.


Providing 70+ Sources,
Connecting with Groups Wanting To Protect Children

and Those Who Want To Speak Out and Help.


We will be distributing the information found, as it comes, in effort of reporting the abuse, action and justice of the crime.

Recording People Affected and Insulted, In Law and In State and Journalist / Reporters, as a few.

Reporting on the field, with volume to our voices, our recordings are kept simple to release quickly and from the ground up with who is connected.


Sharing on the matter of the subject as long as we need
to stop these crimes and as often as needed.

Paying full respect to those affected, but not stopped,
treating each individual, as completely their own.


Appreciating anyone who connects with us on Criminal Justice,
we are already receiving outreaches from various parts around the world and are ready to start bringing awareness to these issues and solutions,
as our network continuously looks for more ways to branch and voice the action.


Our team attentively active on the truth of the matters and who is targeted.

Keeping all our boards behind the scenes and in front aware of who is here, helps to strengthen the support and resources we need to get the report out.

Informing our reporters and those in law first to share the length of these crimes and exposure of these cons,
we second the testimonies brought to our attention.


Gathering a more open team on www.Change.com and www.GoFundMe.com to help build our Criminal Justice Page
and help raise conversations and funding for our Team, Resources and Prevention.

To help bring justice and awareness and stop these crimes and issues, please connect, fund and contact us here.

Adding, every person affected will be treated with respect and every role in the justice system will help how we can expose and overcome these crimes and improve how to save, protect and prevent the harm of these criminals and cons around the world.

With crimes happening daily, we are ready to begin justice for those harmed, killed, dismantled and tortured.


By recording where needed, we will continue to advance our field of ground through special sources and information.

Adding, with more and more people reaching out, we soon expect to have a more solid ground of awareness and change.
Pairing locals to locals and figuring out the best way to approach the issues and solutions.


Filling The Day with Honestly, Speed and Community.
We Encourage All Lives To Be The Change You Want To See In Your Neighbors.

Sharing, For Those Ready To Make Justice, Act Now, To Help.

Bringing Attention Worldwide : For All Locations, States and Countries


Welcoming, Any Connects, Funding and Contacts That Provide Help

- What Do You Want To See For Criminal Justice, Made By People Around The World?